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Dear Colleagues!

The Scientific program committee has completed reviewing of the papers which were received for participation in the 12th Siberian conference on Control and Communications SIBCON–2016.
Due to the large amount of works, more than 700 and extremely limited time meetings, for oral presentations were selected only high-quality papers, which meet the most stringent standards IEEE for international conferences. At the same time were left behind some good papers, but which do not meet standards IEEE for international conferences.
Release version of collection of conference papers is placed in the network and until 25 May 2016 is on URL: http://ieee.tpu.ru/hse/
In this form the collection can be stored on a disk, which is issued to the participants. Error messages and comments accepted to the address tomsk@ieee.org until 30 March 2016 after this date no changes will be possible. Particular attention should be drawn to the fact that the organizing committee has no possibility to edit papers and form indexed PDF. All mistakes within the articles can be changed by the authors, at the same time as a basis should be used file from the collection. The article should not contain page numbers, should have running titles, composed under the sample IEEE and formed from the source text or PDF with help of system IEEE PDFexpress. The participant should make registration at http://www.pdf-express.org/. Please enter 37512X as "Conference ID", your e-mail address and the password. Filename in the collection can not be changed. Error messages and comments accepted to the address tomsk@ieee.org until 30 March 2016.



1Olga A. Abramkina,Vyacheslav P. ShuvalovAbout One of the Methods for Solving Problems in QoS RoutingThe paper accepted
2Natalya V. Akinina, Maxim V. Akinin, Alexandr I. Taganov, Alexandra V. SokolovaMethods and algorithms for heterogeneous filtering interference using artificial intelligence systems in problems of remote sensing dataThe paper is not accepted
3Denis Akmaykin, Pavel Salyuk, Svetlana Klyueva, Bukin OlegAutomation of taking and processing
hidrometeorological data in the area of the vessel’s
navigational safety
The paper is not accepted
4Александрова Т.В., Громаков Е.И.Компьютерная диагностика нарушений способности производственного процессаThe paper accepted
5Алексеенко А.В.Оптимальный выбор параметров математической модели стохастического процесса на основе градиентных подходовThe paper accepted
6Alimuradov Alan Kazanferovich, Churakov Pyotr Pavlovich, Artemov Igor Iosifovich, Tychkov Alexander Yuryevich, Kuzmin Andrey VictorovichImprovement of the Efficiency of Voice Control Based on the Complementary Ensemble Empirical Mode DecompositionThe paper accepted
7Alimuradov Alan Kazanferovich, Tychkov Alexander Yuryevich, Churakov Pyotr PavlovichResearch and Development of the Voice Control System in the Labview Programming EnvironmentThe paper is not accepted
8N. K. Maksimova1, A. V. Almaev, V. I. Gaman, E.V. ChernikovEffect of Pt, Pd, Ag, Y Additives on the Surface and in the Bulk of Tin Dioxide Thin Nanocrystalline Films on Characteristics of Resistive Hydrogen SensorsThe paper is not accepted
9Ibrahim I. N., Al Akkad M. A.Exploiting an Intelligent Fuzzy-PID system in Nonlinear Aircraft Pitch ControlThe paper accepted
10Konstantin M. Amburkin, George V. Chukov, Vadim V. Elesin, Galina N. Nazarova, Nikolay А. UsachevPortable Logical Generator/Analyzer for Radiation
Testing and Optimizing of RF ICs with Digital
The paper is not accepted
11Kostoglotov Andrey Aleksandrovich, Derabkin Igor Vladimirovich, Lazarenko Sergey Valerevich, Andrashitov Dmitrii SergeevichStructural synthesis of system of frequency phase-locked loop with adaptation on the basis of combined-maximum principleThe paper is not accepted
12P.G. Andreev, N.K. Yurkov, V.Ya. BannovSpace-Time Analysis of Conductive Paths with Allowance for Temperature InfluenceThe paper is not accepted
13A.Kh. Sultanov, I.L. Vinogradova,, I.K. Meshkov, A.V. Andrianova, G.I. Abdrakhmanova, A.A. Ishmiyarov,
L.Z. Yantilina
Interference Fiber Optic Device for RoF Antenna
Radiators Control
The paper accepted
14A. I. AndriyanovParameters Adaptation for Target Oriented Control of the Buck ConverterThe paper accepted
15Igor V. AnikinInformation Security Risks Assessment in Telecommunication Network of the UniversityThe paper is not accepted
16Igor V. Anikin, Khaled AlnajjarPseudo-Random Number Generator Based on Fuzzy
The paper accepted
17Igor V. Anikin, Ellina S. AnisimovaHandwritten signature recognition method based on fuzzy logicThe paper is not accepted
18Lev Antonov, Kirill Makarov, Alexey OrlovDevelopment of data analysis algorithm of animal activity, daily milk yield and conductivity in livestock enterprisesThe paper is not accepted
19Artyukhova Maya Aleksandrovna, Zhadnov Valeriy Vladimirovich, Polesskiy Sergey NikolaevichAnalysis of radiation influence on the reliability indexes of control systems componentsThe paper accepted
20A.N. Shilin, N.S. Artyushenko, A.A. ShilinMetrological analysis of reflectometers for fault location of overhead power linesThe paper is not accepted
21Astafiev A.V., Orlov A.A., Popov D.P.Development system for identification of blanks and
tubular products in the production process on the
”Vyksa Steel Works”
The paper is not accepted
22Denis А. Ustinov, Sergey V. BaburinInfluence by technological process onto mineral resources sector enterprise power supplies reliability parametersThe paper is not accepted
23T.I. Murashkina, E.A. BadeevaLuminous flux control in fiber-optic measuring transducerThe paper is not accepted
24V.N. Zadorozhnyi, V.A. BadryzlovCalculation methods of transient processes
in growing networks with non-linear
preferential attachment rule
The paper accepted
25Bazykin S.N., Bazykina N.A., Samohina K.S., Shoshkina M.N., Kuchumov E.V.Analysis of light dispersion on ultrasoundThe paper is not accepted
26Bazykin S.N., Bazykina N.A., Samohina K.S., Shoshkina M.N.The use of phase-locked loop in the information-measuring systemsThe paper is not accepted
27Kasimova Botakoz, Baxultanov DarkhanDevelopment of an Automated Monitoring System of Air PollutionThe paper is not accepted
28Bakubaev B.T., Denisenko V.I., Moiseichenkov A.N.Processing Experimental Data of Asynchronous
Motors Tests for Determining Equivalent Circuits
Characteristics and Parameters in the LabVIEW
System Design Software
The paper is not accepted
29A. E. Barinov, A. A. ZakharovClustering with Constrains Using a Spectral Graph Theory for Human Head DetectionThe paper is not accepted
30Alexander Lyubchenko, Stanislav Bartosh, Pedro A. Castillo, Maribel G. Arenas, Evgeniy KopytovParameter Analysis of Monte Carlo Simulation Model for Improvement of Its Performance with High Accuracy of Reliability Estimations of Radiocommunication EquipmentThe paper accepted
31Dmitry V. Batulko, Konstantin I. Nikitin, Vladimir N. GoryunovSpecial zero-sequence current transformers to determine fault connection in medium voltage networksThe paper is not accepted
32Artyom O. Bakhtin, Vladislav S. Sherstnev, Inna L. Pichugova, Vadim V. DudorovDetection of an Unauthorized Wired Connection to a
Local Area Network by Solving Telegraph Equations
The paper accepted
33Ekaterina V. Aleksandrova and Vladimir A. BashkinHydrodynamic Model of Adaptive Routing for Large-Scale Unstable Sensor NetworksThe paper accepted
34Yu.B. Bashkuev, L.Kh. Angarkhaeva, D.G. Buyanova, M.G. DembelovPredictive map of geoelectric sections of North
Euroasia and its application for the radiowaves
propagation calculations
The paper is not accepted
35Yu.B. Bashkuev, and M.G. DembelovSurface Electromagnetic Wave in the Range of 100-5000 kHz over Sea Covered by Ice (Numerical Results)The paper is not accepted
36A.O. Belousov, T.R. Gazizov, A.M. ZabolotskyMaximization of duration of ultrashort pulse
that is completely decomposed
in multiconductor modal filters
The paper accepted
37Belousov E.V., Sychev D.A., Zhuravlev A.M.Optimization function control action for the electric drive with field regulated reluctance machineThe paper is not accepted
38Aleksey A. Belsky, Vasiliy S. DobushOperating mode control for wellbore electrical heating station with wind-driven power unitThe paper is not accepted
39Belyaev Alexander, Tutov Ivan, Butuzov DenisAnalysis of noisy signal restoration quality with exponential moving average filterThe paper accepted
40Berdnikov V., Lohin V.Calculation of absolute stability regions for timevarying electromechanical systemsThe paper is not accepted
41K. Bogachyov, M. PavlovaStandalone Device for Rapid Assessment of Critical Flicker Frequency (CFF)The paper accepted
42Igor V. Bogachkov, Vasiliy A. MaystrenkoJoint Examinations of Optical Pulse Reflectometers of Different Kinds for Early Diagnostics of Optical FibersThe paper is not accepted
43Igor V. BogachkovResearching of features of the Brillouin Backscattering Spectrum in Dispersion-Shifted Optical FibersThe paper accepted
44Sergey S. Lutchenko, Evgeny Y. Kopytov, Igor V. Bogachkov, Vasiliy A. MaystrenkoThe Technique of Determination Availability, Technical Exploitation Factors and Maintenance Intervals for Fiber Optic Communication LinesThe paper is not accepted
45Bolgov I.S., Dementiev Y.N.High-precision Former of Velocity and
Motor Shaft Position Angle Codes
The paper accepted
46Evgeniy V. Bolovin, Alexander S. GlazyrinThe Influence of The Design Method For Induction Motor on Identification of Its ParametersThe paper is not accepted
47A.Y. Borisov, L.N. Kessarinskiy, D.V. BoychenkoPXI-based test complex for vibra-sensorsThe paper is not accepted
48Ivan G. Odnokopylov, Danil Yu. Lyapunov, Yuri N. Dementev, Konstantin O. BorovikLoad Balancing of Two Induction Motors Operating on a Common ShaftThe paper is not accepted
49Georgy I. Odnokopylov, A. D. Bragin, I. A. RozaevComparative analys of induction and switchedreluctance
motors electric drives fault tollerant control
The paper is not accepted
50Yury I. BrodskyModel Synthesis and Model-Oriented ProgrammingThe paper is not accepted
51G.V. Tankov, S.A. Brostislov, N.K. Yurkov, A.V. LysenkoInformation-Measuring and Operating Systems to Test for the Effects of VibrationThe paper accepted
52V.G. Bukreev, N.A. Procenko, A. A. BryantsevImproving Characteristics of Lithium – Ion Battery Cell Bypass SwitchesThe paper is not accepted
53V.D. Krevchik,, A.V. Razumov, P.V. Krevchik, P.S. Budyansky, M.B. Semenov, I.M. MoykoControllable photodielectric effect associated with the excitation of impurity complexes in structures with quantum dots in an external magnetic fieldThe paper is not accepted
54Grirori Bukia, Denis StepanovCharacterization of Parameter Estimation for Bearing-only Target Motion AnalysisThe paper is not accepted
55Kirillov I.N., Bulkin V.V.The possibilities of the construction of the mobile
acoustic pollution monitoring system used in an
urbanized territory
The paper is not accepted
56Burdinsky I. N., Karabanov I. V., Mironov A. S.Hydroacoustic signals
of AUV data measuring systems
The paper is not accepted
57Burdinsky I. N., Linnik M. A., Mironov A. S., Karabanov I. V.The method for forming time intervals with crystal
oscillator frequency instability compensation
The paper accepted
58Burdinsky I. N., Otcheskii S. A.Triangulation method correction algorithms for precise AUV position determinationThe paper accepted
59Nalatia B. Butorina, Yulia B. Burkatovskaya, SvetlanaV. MaslovaSelf-testing (m,n)-code Checker Design Using One Output Configuration Logic BlocksThe paper is not accepted
60Yury Bocharov, Vladimir ButuzovAn Analog Front-End ASIC with Programmable Gain
and Timing for Silicon Photomultiplier Arrays
The paper accepted
61O.V. Dvornikov, N.V. Butyrlagin, I.V. PakhomovThe Differential and Differential Difference
operational amplifiers of sensor systems based on
bipolar- field technological process AGAMC
The paper accepted
62Stanislav V. Borisov, Nikolay V. Gusev, Pavel V. Bykovskih, Konstantin V. ObraztsovStart synchronous motor vector control algorithm with encoder without Hall-sensorsThe paper accepted
63A.I. Panychev, A.A. VaganovaModeling of Ray Refraction of WLAN Signals on the Structural Elements of the BuildingThe paper accepted
64Anton Vaytulevich, Anton Kudinov, Philipp StankevichBuilding Reusable Prediction Models for Technological Data Using Business Intelligence
The paper is not accepted
65Anton Vaytulevich, Anton KudinovOptimizing NFC Performance on a Wearable Device Using Evolutionary AlgorithmThe paper is not accepted
66Sagit Valeev, Natalya KondratyevaReference Model for Large Scale Industry Management Based on Big Data ConceptThe paper is not accepted
67Vankov Yu.V., Zvonareva Yu.N., Nazarychev S.A., Shlychkov V.V.Regulation of heating system by means of software package LabVIEWThe paper is not accepted
68Alexander N. VarnavskyThe automated system for prevention of industrial-caused diseasesThe paper is not accepted
69Варфоломеев А.А.О некоторых предварительных преобразованиях открытого текста типа «all-or-nothing» для усиления стойкости шифра к методу полного опробованияThe paper accepted
70G.S. Vasilyev, I.A. Kurilov, D.I. Surzhik, Kharchuk S. M.Analysis of dynamic regimes of the frequency synthesizers on the basis of impulse PLL system of the arbitrary orderThe paper is not accepted
71G.S. Vasilyev, O. R. Kuzichkin, I.A. Kurilov, D.I. SurzhikAnalysis of noise properties of a hybrid frequency synthesizer with autocompensating phase noise of DDS and PLLThe paper accepted
72A.V. Chyprin, I.A. VasilevDevelopment of a Piezoelectric Energy Harvester for Navigation Support of Railway TransportThe paper is not accepted
73V.A. Vasil`ev, N.V. DobryninaMethod for Evaluating Information to Solve Problems of Control, Monitoring and DiagnosticsThe paper is not accepted
74Danil S. Vasiliev, Albert Abilov, Vladimir V. KhvorenkovPeer Selection Algorithm In Flying Ad hoc NetworksThe paper accepted
75Amelchenko A.G., Bardin V. A., Vasil`ev V.A., Krevchick V.D., Chernov P.S., Scherbakov M.A.Piezoactuators and piezo motors for driving systemsThe paper is not accepted
76Vasil'ev V.A., Gromkov N.V., Joao A.J.The structure of the universal micromodule of the integrating scanning frequency converterThe paper is not accepted
77G.S. Vasilyev, I.A. Kurilov, D.I. Surzhik, S.M. KharchukTransfer functions of a hybrid frequency synthesizer with autocompensating phase noise of DDS and PLLThe paper is not accepted
78G.S.VasilyanoDevelopment and research of algorithms of adaptive management of the quadruped robotized platformsThe paper is not accepted
79Yu. V. Vekshin, A. P. LavrovThe Allan variance usage for output signal fluctuation analysis of the new 13 m radio telescope microwave receiving systemThe paper is not accepted
80Maykov Denis, Vershinin AlexanderDoppler effects influence of on the OFDM signalThe paper is not accepted
81Vershinin AlexanderHydroacoustic Modem For Autonomous Underwater VehicleThe paper accepted
82Vershinin Alexander, Maykov Denis, Usharova Darya, Anikin AlexeyThe experimental estimate of statistical characteristics of narrowband radio interferences in an urban environment in the frequency range 433 MHzThe paper is not accepted
83Olga Vozisova, Alexander Egorov, Elizabeth Koksharova, Igor ZonovThe Laser Scanning Application for Power Systems Equipment Engineering ReverseThe paper is not accepted
84Nikita VoinovPlatform for IoT applications with a module for big data analysisThe paper is not accepted
85Artyushenko Vladimir Mikhajlovich, Volovach Vladimir Ivanovich, Shakurskiy Maxim ViktorovichThe demodulation signal under the influence of
additive and multiplicative non-Gaussian noise
The paper is not accepted
86Sergey V. VostokinTemplet: Domain-specific Language for Concurrency ControlThe paper is not accepted
87Eugeny S. Briskin, Vadim V. Chernyshev, Alexander V. Maloletov, Nikolay G. Sharonov, Yaroslav V. Kalinin, Andrey E. GavrilovResearches to Test the Energy-Efficient Methods of
Fuzzy Movement Control Multilegged Walking
Robot "Ortonog" in a Real Environment
The paper is not accepted
88A.T. Gazizov, A.M. Zabolotsky, T.R. GazizovSimulation of asymmetrical modal filter with different segmentationThe paper accepted
89R.R. Gaynutdinov, S.F. ChermoshentsevThe flight vehicle electronic systems susceptibility by influence intentional short-term electromagnetic impulsesThe paper is not accepted
90M.G. Grif, S.A. Kochetov, N.D. GanelinaFunctional-Structural Theory based Strategies for Designing a Set of Alternatives in Human-Machine Systems Optimization ProblemsThe paper is not accepted
91A.R. Zagretdinov, A.E. Kondratyev, S.O. GaponenkoSolutions for increasing the reliability of shockacoustic
control of multilayer composite structures
The paper is not accepted
92Mikhail Ivanovich Krasikov, Denis Georgievich Garsh, Igor Nikolaevich BarminThе Notch Filter For Shortwave Broadband SystemsThe paper is not accepted
93Y.A.Gelozhe, P.P.Klimenko, A.V. MaksimovResearch of local dynamics of the Phase-locked loopThe paper is not accepted
94Raikhlin V.A., Vershinin I.S., GibadullinR.F., Pystogov S.V.Reliable Recognition of Masked Cartographic
Scenes During Transmission over the Network
The paper accepted
95Eremenko Y.I., Poleshchenko D.A., Glushchenko A.I.On Application of PI-Controller Parameters Neural Tuner in Heating Furnaces Control Problem to Reject DisturbancesThe paper is not accepted
96Eremenko Y.I., Glushchenko A.I.On Development of Method to Calculate Time Delay Values of Neural Network Input Signals to Implement PI-Controller Parameters Neural TunerThe paper is not accepted
97V. P. Razinkin, M. K. Adrianov, V. M. GoychukМicrostrip notch filter based on the ring resonatorsThe paper is not accepted
98Alexander E. Goncharov, Igor N. Kartsan, Dmitry D. Dmitriev, Valery N. Tyapkin,
Yuri L. Fateev
Attitude Determination of Spinning ObjectsThe paper accepted
99Alexander E. Goncharov, Igor N. Kartsan, Dmitry D. Dmitriev, Valery N. TyapkinSynthesis of an Algorithm for Interference ImmunityThe paper is not accepted
100Горовой Сергей Владимирович, Кирьянов Алексей Валерьевич, Желдак Евгений МихайловичИсследование некоторых характеристик гидроакустических шумовых помехThe paper accepted
101Konstantin GorshkovThe simulation technique for large-scale tree structured interconnectsThe paper is not accepted
102V.V. Goryunova, T.I. GoryunovaPractice principles of ontologies engineering under implementation the modular automated systems of product data managementThe paper is not accepted
103Dmitri Evgenievich Gorbachev, Svetlana Michailovna Selyakova, Vladimir Michailovich GoryaevThe oxigen sensor in the control system of incinerators with self-monitoring exhaustThe paper is not accepted
104A.V. Grigor’ev, A.K. Grishko, N.V. Goryachev, N.K. Yurkov, A.M.MicheevContactless Three-Component Measurement
of Mirror Antenna Vibrations
The paper accepted
105A.K. Grishko, N.V. Goryachev, I.I. Kochegarov, N.K. YurkovDynamic Analysis and Optimization of Parameter Control of Radio Systems in Conditions of InterferenceThe paper accepted
106AV Grecheneva, NV Dorofeev, OR KuzichkinAnalysis of errors in the measurement of articular displacement based on accelerometric goniometerThe paper is not accepted
107Nikulin Sergey Gennadievich, Bessarab Alexey Nikolaevich, Grigoriev Boris Vladimirovich, Zaitsev Evgeniy VyacheslavovichThe scientific test stand of mass flow of gas-liquid
The paper is not accepted
108Milikhin M.M, Gritsenko Y.B.Using web-based geoinformation technologies within micro geo-marketing researchesThe paper is not accepted
109Denis V. Gruzenkin, Roman Yu. TsarevEvaluation of availability of cluster distributed disaster tolerant systems for control and information processing based on a cluster quorumThe paper is not accepted
110A.O. Gryaznov, I.B. Dorosheva, A.S. Vokhmintsev, R.V. Kamalov, I.A. WeinsteinAutomatized Complex for Measuring the Electrical Properties of MIM StructuresThe paper accepted
111Lin Li, F.A. Gubarev, M.S. Klenovskii, A.I. BloshkinaVibration Measurement by Means of Digital Speckle CorrelationThe paper accepted
112N.А. Djuzhev, A.A. Dedkova, E.E. Gusev, A.V. NovakMethod measurement mechanical stresses in thin
films on wafer using an optical profilometer
The paper is not accepted
113A.V. Dmitriev, T.N. Chimitdorzhiev, P.N. DagurovEstimation of polarimetric multiscale variations of radar backscattering from the ALOS PALSAR and SIR-CThe paper is not accepted
114P.N. Dagurov, A.V. Dmitriev, T.N. Chimitdorzhiev, S.I. DobryninThe Reflection of a Spherical Wave from a Two-layer
Medium and Bistatic Microwave Sensing of the Ice
The paper is not accepted
115Danik Yu. E., Dmitriev M.G.The robustness of the stabilizing regulator for quasilinear
discrete systems with state dependent
The paper accepted
116G.D. Demin, A.F. Popkov, E.E. Gusev, P.A. Stepanov, N.A. DjuzhevA compact HSPICE model of a magnetic tunnel junction based on voltage-driven spin-transfer torqueThe paper accepted
117Ivan E. Demin, Alexander G. KozlovEffect of composition on gas sensing properties of In2O3–Ga2O3 thin filmsThe paper is not accepted
118E. Denisov, N. Adiutantov, Yu.K. Evdokimov,
A. Salakhova, G. Timergalina, T. Nikishin, S. Martemianov, A. Thomas, N. Adiutantov
Quasi-distributed resistive sensor for steady-state field measurementsThe paper accepted
119Sekou Diane, Sergey Manko, Valery LokhinForecasting Conflicts in Multi-Robot Systems Based on Intelligent FeedbackThe paper accepted
120D.D. Dmitriev, A.B. Gladishev, V.N. Tyapkin, Yu.L. FateevHardware-Software Complex for Studying the Characteristics of GNSS ReceiversThe paper accepted
121TyapkinValery N., Ratushnyak Vasily N., Dmitriev Dmitry D., Konnov Valery G.Space-Time Processing of Signals
in Angle Measurement Navigation Receivers
The paper accepted
122Stanislav Y Dolinger, Alexander G Lyutarevich, Dmitry S OsipovBasic approaches to implementation of FACTS devices control system taking into account electrical system mode optimizationThe paper is not accepted
123Eugenia V. Rumyantseva, Sergey V. Biryukov, Alexander G. Lyutarevich, Stanislav Y DolingerDevelopment of spherical sensor electric field strength measuring methodThe paper accepted
124Alexander G. Lyutarevich, Vladimir N. Goryunov, Evgeniy А. Lokhman, Stanislav Y. Dolinger, Dmitry S. OsipovDevelopment of torque vector control system of permanent magnet motorThe paper accepted
125O.R. Kuzichkin, A.V. Grecheneva, N.V. DorofeevThe system of the diagnosis and rehabilitation of the human spineThe paper is not accepted
126Cherneta D.S., Druki A.A., Spitsyn V.G.Development of multistage algorithm for text objects
recognition in images
The paper accepted
127Victor Dubinin, Valeriy Vyatkin, Anatoly ShalytoFormal modeling and verification of IEC 61499 function blocks on the basis of transition systemsThe paper accepted
128Dmitrii Drozdov, Victor Dubinin, Vladimir KulaginPetri nets behavioral equivalence checking in SMVThe paper accepted
129Евстратько В.В.Classification of spacecraft’s command and measuring systemsThe paper has not been received
130Anna Epishkina, Konstantin KogosQuantum Random Number Generator for Secure CommunicationsThe paper accepted
131Eremin I.E., Zhilindina O.V., Scherban D.S.Structural synthesis of cybernetic
model of elastic ionic polarization
The paper is not accepted
132Eremin I.E., Podolko E.A., Nazarenko N.V.The mediated visualization
of diamond nanostructure
The paper is not accepted
133Eremin I.E., Zhilindina O.V., Scherban D.S.The numerical method of parametrical synthesis of
cybernetic model of elastic ionic polarization
The paper is not accepted
134D.Ya. Sukhanov, N.N. ErzakovaVisualization of wideband sound sourcesThe paper is not accepted
135Elena Jharko, Ekaterina SakrutinaOn Creating Safety Control Systems for High Operation Risk PlantsThe paper accepted
136E.Ph. JharkoTowards the Implementation of the Task of Calculating Technical and Economical Indexes for Nuclear Power PlantsThe paper accepted
137E.Ph. JharkoTowards the Software Analysis for Systems Being Important for the NPP SafetyThe paper is not accepted
138Vadim Zhmud, Lubomir Dimitrov, Galina Sablina, Vitaly TrubinThe Use of Bypass Channel for Feedback Control of Oscillatory Object Well-Known as Difficult One for ControlThe paper accepted
139Zhuravlev A.M., Naumovich N.I.,Savosteenko N.V.Pulse vector control for transport applicationsThe paper is not accepted
140V.N. ZadorozhnyiPeculiarities and Methods
of Fractal Queues Simulation
The paper accepted
141Zaytseva Ekaterina Victorovna, Pustynsky Ivan NikolaevichIntegral and spectral sensitivity assessment of the aсtivе-pulse television systemsThe paper is not accepted
142Закирова Г.А.About some related problems of spectral analysis and control theoryThe paper has not been received
143Zaretskiy Alexey P., Bogomolov Alexey V., Kuleshov Arkadiy P.Method for the automated processing of limb movements in non-contact humans condition monitoringThe paper is not accepted
144Y. A. Zakharov, M. A. Petrasheva, A. G. Divin, I. M. Almahdar, A. M. AlmahdarA Computer measuring system for thermophysical and rheological characteristics of liquidsThe paper is not accepted
145Zaharov S.M., Mitrohin M.A., Volchihin V.I.Adaptative Bayesian decision rule for pattern
The paper is not accepted
146Andrei V. Kochetkov, Igor B. Chelpanov, Nikolaj M. Bobrovskij, Pavel A. Melnikov, Igor N. Bobrovskij, Oleg V. ZakharovSensitivity of Optimal Stationary Filters for Means
of Measurement
The paper is not accepted
147Alexei Zakharov, Alexei Tuzhilkin, Arkady ZhiznyakovSystem of Automatic 3D-Reconstruction of Urban Scenes from Satellite Images Based on a Priori InformationThe paper is not accepted
148Mikhail V. Saramud, Pavel V. Zelenkov, Igor V. Kovalev, Dmitrii I. Kovalev, Igor N. KartsanDevelopment of methods for equivalent transformation of gertnetworks for use in multi-version softwareThe paper is not accepted
149Jaroslav Hlava, Nikita Zemtsov, Galina FrantsuzovaApplication of PID Controller Based on the Localization Method for Ancillary Service ProvisionThe paper accepted
150Izmailova E.V., Ziganshin SH.G., Salyahova R.R.Technique of search of leak from the pipeline according to the analysis of acoustic signalsThe paper is not accepted
151Зубов Т.А.Моделирование восходящего канала (Uplink) КИС КА стандарта ESAThe paper has not been received
152Зыкин В.С.Automatization of foreghn keys constructionThe paper has not been received
153R. Z. Ibragimov, V. G. FokinPhase recovery algorithm in coherent homodyne optical systemsThe paper is not accepted
154Alexander Ivannikov, Anatolij Kozhevnikov, Sergej TumkovskiyMethods of slew rate verification of operational amplifier macro modelThe paper accepted
155Alexander Ivannikov, Aleksandr Romanov, Alexander StempkovskySet-theoretic Model of Digital Systems FunctioningThe paper accepted
156S. I. Ivanov, A. P. Lavrov, Y. A. MatveevAn Instrumentation Amplifier with Low Offset-Error Drift for Radiometric ApplicationsThe paper accepted
157En Un Chye, V. E. Ivanov, R. A. AntonovModular wavelet filters for preprocessing signals in real timeThe paper accepted
158V.A. Volkov, D.A. Gordeev, S.I. Ivanov, A.P. Lavrov, I.I. SaenkoPhotonic Beamformer Model Based on the Fiber-Optic Communication Links’ ComponentsThe paper is not accepted
159Ivanov V.N., Ivanov A.V.The Concept of Evolution of Systems of Internet of ThingsThe paper is not accepted
160Ivanov O.A., Uvaysova S.S., Ivanov I.A., Uvaysov S.U.Algorithm of control charge the battery from renewable energy sources: wind turbine and solar panelThe paper is not accepted
161Aleksey A. Belsky, Dannil I. IvanchenkoIdentification of hybrid wind power unit control parametrs for the purpose of loses optimizationThe paper accepted
162Valeryan P. IosifovApplication Responses Weighing Operation to
Problems of Determining the Measuring
Instruments Dynamic Characteristics
The paper is not accepted
163Ismagilov I.I., Khasanova S.F.Algorithms of parametric estimation of digital signals polynomial trends by the method of least squares on discrete transformsThe paper is not accepted
164Konstantin Isupov, Vladimir KnyazkovAn Algorithm for Magnitude Comparison in RNS Based on Mixed-Radix Conversion IIThe paper is not accepted
165Aleksey A. KabanovFull-state Linearization of Systems via Feedback
Using Similarity Transformation
The paper accepted
166Vyacheslav O. Kalinin, Vladimir I. NosovAssessment of Effect of Influences on Pulse-Based UWB Radio Communication SystemsThe paper accepted
167Калякин И.В.Exploring sampling rate for discrete wavelet transform implementationThe paper has not been received
168Камышникова А.С.Determination of the Radio Transmitter Coordinates In Satellite Communication SystemsThe paper has not been received
169N. N. Bespalov, M. V. Ilyin, S. S. Kapitonov, S. Y. GrigorovichApplication of computer technologies for
investigation of thermal processes in converter of AC
The paper accepted
170N. N. Bespalov, M. V. Ilyin, S. S. KapitonovDetermination of temperature parameters of IGBT,
used in converter of AC electric drive
The paper is not accepted
171N. N. Bespalov, M. V. Ilyin, S. S. KapitonovEquipment for testing electronic ballasts for
fluorescent lamps and LED drivers
The paper is not accepted
172Denis Kapulin, Oleg DrozdThe Information Support Requirements for Product Data Management at «System on a Chip» design and manufacturingThe paper is not accepted
173Nikolay N. Karabutov, Valeriy M. Lochin, Sergey V. Manko, Mikhail P. RomanovSector Sets and Decision-Making about Class of
Nonlinear Functions in Systems Identification of
Static Objects
The paper is not accepted
174T.I. Karimov, D.N. Butusov, V.S. AndreevComputer Simulation of Audio Circuits with Vacuum TubesThe paper is not accepted
175D.N. Butusov, A.I. Karimov, A.V. TutuevaHardware-targeted Semi-implicit Extrapolation ODE SolversThe paper accepted
176Карцан И.Н.Simulation modeling of functional adaptive interference nulling for multibeam hybrid reflector antenna systemsThe paper has not been received
177Igor N. Kartsan, Alexander E. Goncharov, Dmitry D. Dmitriev, Valery N. TyapkinSpecialized Software for the Adaptive Nulling Unit of a Hybrid Reflector AntennaThe paper is not accepted
178Alexey S. Katasev, Dina V. KatasevaNeural network diagnosis of anomalous network activity in telecommunication systemsThe paper is not accepted
179Alexey S. Katasev, Dina V. KatasevaNeural network spam filtering technology in telecommunication systemsThe paper is not accepted
180Alexey S. Katasev, Dina V. KatasevaNeural network model for information security incidents forecasting in telecommunication systemsThe paper is not accepted
181Denis N. Katasonov, Victor P. BessmeltsevMethods for improving parameters of power consumption and received data reliability in wireless mibile ECG monitoring systemThe paper is not accepted
182N.А. Djuzhev, М.A. Korolev,M.V. Kateev, E.E. GusevThe research flow sensor of membrane type
and modeling the dependence of the output
characteristics from its design parameters
The paper is not accepted
183Yu. V. Katunin, V. Ya. SteninThe multiport CMOS memory cell based on the DICE trigger with two spaced transistor groups for hardened 65-nm CMOS SRAMThe paper accepted
184V.M. Barinov, D.V. KiesewetterExperimental study of the influence of single-phase short-circuits of power cable lines 110 and 220 kV on the operation of communications systems and automationThe paper is not accepted
185Kirillov S.N., Slesarev A.S., Pokrovskij P.S., Semin D.S., Dmitriev V.T.Spectrally Efficient Radio Signal Types Software-Controlled Generator ModuleThe paper accepted
186Vladimir A. Ivanov, Dmitry V. Ivanov, Natalia V. Ryabova, Maria I. Ryabova, Aleksey A. KislitsinConstruction and Investigation of Pulse Response Characteristic in the Transionospheric RadiochannelsThe paper is not accepted
187Sergei Ivanovich KlevtsovDefining Dangerous Changes to the Rapidly Physical
Quantity in Real Timeaper
The paper is not accepted
188Sergei Ivanovich Klevtsov, Alla Borisovna KlevtsovaDetermination of System Performance Based on the
Numerical Equivalent Qualitative Assessments
The paper is not accepted
189Sergei I. KlevtsovIdentification of the state of technical objects based on analyzing a limited set of parametersThe paper accepted
190Alexander B. Sergienko, Vyacheslav P. KlimentyevSCMA Detection with Channel Estimation Error and
Resource Block Diversity
The paper accepted
191D. N. Klypin, I. V. Potapov, D. A. Titov, A. A. GaraevaThe base tasks in development of Medical Information System for human functional diagnosticsThe paper is not accepted
192Клюева Светлана Федоровна, Акмайкин Денис Александрович, Салюк Павел АнатольевичМоделирование маршрута движения судна на
основе алгоритмов кластеризации
The paper accepted
193I. A. Nasyrov, R. I. Gumerov, D. A. Kogogin, S. M. GrachPhotometry of Artificial Airglow Emission of the Ionosphere Stimulated by “Sura” Facility RadiationThe paper is not accepted
194Артыков Э.С., Герценщтейн И.Ш., Кодиров С.А.Система автоматичсекого управлением натяжения бумажного полотна на основе асинхронного двигателя с короткозамкнутым роторомThe paper accepted
195Dmitriy G. Abramov, Artem V. Kodolov, Andrey V. Litvinov, Fedor A. PopovIntegrated Information-Control System for Pilot Production of Special Chemistry EnterprisesThe paper is not accepted
196Valery A.Kokovin, Saygid U. Uvaysov, Svetlana S. UvaysovaLossless Сompression Algorithm For Use In Telecommunication SystemsThe paper accepted
197Koykov Konstantin Igorevich, Bukreev Viktor Grigorevich, Shilin Aleksandr Anatolevich, Kolesov Pavel YurevichPrinciples of construction of automatic control system for energy-efficient heat consumptionThe paper is not accepted
198А.С. Колосова, А.Р Шарипова, Г.Г. ДавыдовАвтоматизированная система контроля параметров и функционирования логических ИСThe paper accepted
199Kolchev A.A., Egoshin I.A., Shumaev V.V.Method for Determining Characteristics of Arbitrary Frequency Radio ChannelsThe paper is not accepted
200Dmitrii Kondakov, Alexander Lavrov, Sergey Ivanov, Alexey KosmyninFrequency Discriminator based on Equalizer for 100-512 MHzThe paper accepted
201Загребина Софья Александровна, Конкина Александра СергеевнаМодель управления транспортными потокамиThe paper is not accepted
202Lukyanov S.I., Shvidchenko D.V., Suspitsyn Ye.S., Pyshnograyev R.S., Konovalov M.V.Computer-aided diagnosis system for electric drive equipment of pinch rolls in continuous casting machinesThe paper is not accepted
203V. N. Zadorozhnyi, M.A. KornachOptimization of transport queuing networks on the basis of the method of directing hyperboleThe paper accepted
204Lev K. Burulko, Vyacheslav E. KorolevCalculation and analysis of electromagnetic forces in a self-braking electric motorsThe paper accepted
205V.K. Batovrin, A.S. KorolevUsing Fuzzy models by Systems Engineers at the stages of System LifecycleThe paper is not accepted
206Stanislav V. Korsakov, Alexander V. Smirnov, Valery A. SokolovOn Organizing the Interoperability of Equipollent Nodes in a Wireless Mesh-Network with Time Division Multiple AccessThe paper is not accepted
207Andrey Korshunov, Pavel VolobuevPower Gating Multi-Modal Design Approach for Autonomous Low Power Circuits with SensorsThe paper accepted
208Kofanov Y.N., Sotnikova S.Y.Integration of vibration electronic equipment models with concentrated and distributed parametersThe paper accepted
209Igor Kochegarov, Georgy Tankov, Evgeniya DanilovaDynamic Characteristics of Printed Circuit Assembly under the Influence of TemperatureThe paper is not accepted
210Ekaterina Gorokhova, Elena KochegurovaAnt algorithm for creating a timetable of public urban
transport in Tomsk city
The paper is not accepted
211Alla G. Kravets, Mohammed Al-AshvalMobile Corporate Networks Security ControlThe paper accepted
212Presnyakov S.A., Kravchenko N.P., Mukhin S.VModel of “Chain of Coupled Resonators”-Type Slow-Wave Structure’s Cell Based on Equivalent Systems MethodThe paper accepted
213N.Yu. Krampit, Т.S. Kust, M.A. KrampitSpecifics of Pulsed Arc Welding Power Supply Performance Based on a Transistor SwitchThe paper is not accepted
214Краснюк А.А.Фундаментальные проблемы функциональной организации микропроцессорных систем для высокотемпературной и сбоеустойчивой микроэлектроникиThe paper has not been received
215D.D. Dmitriev, N.S. Kremez, V.N. Tyapkin, Yu.L. FateevThe use of computer models in the software and hardware complex of research methods of navigation spacecraftsThe paper is not accepted
216Marina E. KremenetskayaSystem for managing common information space of a machinery production enterpriseThe paper is not accepted
217Ilia V. Boikov, Nikolai P. KrivulinRecovery of input signals: the reduction to an ideal instrumentThe paper is not accepted
218Kropotov Y.A., Belov A.A. Proskuryakov A.Y.Adaptive algorithm for echo cancellation in telecommunication communication systemsThe paper is not accepted
219Kropotov Y.A., Belov A.A. Proskuryakov A.Y.Model of algorithm interference identification with slowly varying parameters in discrete systems for the exchange of acoustic signalsThe paper is not accepted
220Kropotov Y.A., Belov A.A. Proskuryakov A.Y.The formation of a time series model with the optimal sampling period in telecommunication monitoring systemsThe paper is not accepted
221Ivan Yu. Krasnov, Sergey V. Langraf, Ivan G. Odnokopylov, Yuriy V. KrokhtaSensorless initial position estimation
for permanent-magnet synchronous motor
of gearless elevator hoist
The paper is not accepted
222G. Y. Shaydurov, D. S. Kudinov, E. A. Kohonkova, G. N. Romanova, A. A. Shchitnikov, V. A. KochnevOn the through communication in mines by electromagnetic wavesThe paper accepted
223A.A. Kuz’menko, A.S. Sinitsyn, A.A. Sinitsyna, A.S. MushenkoNonlinear Robust Control Of “DFIG – Wind Turbine” Power SystemThe paper is not accepted
224Kuksenko S.P., Gazizov T.R., Kostarev I.S.Approximation of an initial matrix by a Toeplitz one for acceleration of iterative solution of dense linear algebraic systems in scattering problemsThe paper accepted
225Vladimir KulaginDesign of control systems for parallel computing structures based on net modelsThe paper accepted
226N. I. Kurakina, E. S. SuloevaThe integrated assessment method of the environmental impact of knowledge-consumptive industries on the environmentThe paper is not accepted
227E.V. Medvedeva, E.E. Kurbatova, A.A. OkulovaA combined algorithm of isolation texture areas in
noisy images
The paper is not accepted
228Alexey Lagunov, Vladimir TerehinCreating a Navigation System for RobotThe paper is not accepted
229Alexey Lagunov, Dmitry FedinModelling the Barents territory coverage area of satellite KA-SATThe paper is not accepted
230Alexey LagunovThe research of the complex of alternative energy to power the satellite containerThe paper has not been received
231Kostoglotov Andrey Aleksandrovich, Lazarenko Sergey Valerievich, Losev Vitalii Aleksandrovich, Kuznetcov Anton AleksandrovichStochastic filter synthesis of the operated systems’
state estimation, on the basis of condition of
maximum of generalized power function
The paper is not accepted
232Kostoglotov Andrey Aleksandrovich, Zoya Vladimirovna Lashenko, Lazarenko Sergey Valerevich, Kuznetcov Anton AleksandrovichMethod of quasi-optimal synthesis using invariantsThe paper is not accepted
233Eremina V.V., Lanina S.Y., Onishchenko E.Y.Indirect Visualization Of Molecular Polar Liquid ClathratesThe paper is not accepted
234Eremina V.V., Lanina S.Y., Onishchenko E.Y.Linear Dynamic Models Ionic Polarization WaterThe paper is not accepted
235Lankin A.M., Lankin M.V.Creating models of electrotechnical products AC in labview environmentThe paper is not accepted
236Lankin M.V., Lankin A.M.Hysteresis model of the electrical deviceThe paper is not accepted
237Alexandr V. Lapko, Ekaterina A. Yuronen, Vasily A. LapkoSynthesis of hybrid systems of pattern recognition
on the basis of procedure of consecutive correction
of decision functions
The paper is not accepted
238Alexandr V. Lapko, Ekaterina A. Yuronen, Vasily A. LapkoTesting of hypothesis of random variables independence on the basis of nonparametric algorithm
of pattern recognition
The paper accepted
239K.Y. Lastochkin, I.O. Prikhodko, L. HubkaComparison of control methods for the system DC Motor – GeneratorThe paper is not accepted
240A.V. Lataeva, A.A. TitovaThe development of sensor thecnology for light shows "Smart gallery"The paper accepted
241En Un Chye, A.V. LevenetsA Simple Method for Estimating the Frequency of the Periodic Component of a Measuring SignalThe paper is not accepted
242En Un Chye, I.V. Bogachev, A.V. LevenetsSelection Criteria of the Compression Algorithm In Information-Measuring SystemThe paper is not accepted
243V. Ya. Stenin, K. E. LevinSingle Event Transients in 28-nm CMOS DecodersThe paper accepted
244Alexey A. Levitskiy, Mikhail S. MoskovskihStudy of Surface Mount Soldering Techniques and Thermal Profiles in Multilayered Ceramic CapacitorsThe paper is not accepted
245V. Lesnikov, T. Naumovich, A. ChastikovTopography of z-plane Which is Discretized Due to Quantization of Coefficients of Digital Biquad FiltersThe paper accepted
246A.I. Ivanov, E.I. Kachajkin, P.S. LozhnikovA Complete Statistical Model of a Handwritten Signature as an Object of Biometric IdentificationThe paper accepted
247B.B. Akhmetov, A.I. Ivanov, P.S. LozhnikovMultivariate Statistical Analysis of Handwritten Images via Higher Order Correlation CoefficientsThe paper accepted
248Daniil A. Loktev, Alexey A. LoktevEstimation of Measurement of Distance to the Object
by Analyzing the Blur of Its Image Series
The paper accepted
249Olga V. Shefer, Vitaliy V. LoskutovNumerical Model of Water Medium with Methane Inclusions: Application for Determining Optical Radiation ExtinctionThe paper accepted
250P.V. Luzhnov, D.M. Shamaev, E.N. IomdinaDevelopment of Hardware and Software for
Rheograph Calibration
The paper is not accepted
251A. Luppov, D. Balyberdin, A. MachmurovThe integration of the web conferencing application into a multifunctional peer-to-peer networkThe paper is not accepted
252I. A. Lysenko, L. A. Patrashanu, D. D. ZykovOrganic Light Emitting Diode Simulation Using Silvaco TCAD ToolsThe paper accepted
253Oleg A. LysenkoThe study of built-in generators for communications,
diagnostics and telemetry systems of freight wagons
The paper is not accepted
254Lyubimov V.V., Podkletnova S.V.Controlled Optimal Reduction of Small Angular
Velocity of the Microsatellite Using Onboard
Magnetic Coils
The paper is not accepted
255Lyubimov V.V., Kurkina E.V.Implementation of Non-Resonant Motion at
Controlled Descent of an Asymmetric Spacecraft in
Low-Density Atmosphere
The paper is not accepted
256И.В. Лютиков, В.В. ЗамараевМетод коллективного наведения и управляемого целераспределения группы ракет на групповую воздушную цель оптимальный по критерию максимума вероятности уничтожения всех её элементовThe paper accepted
257N.I. Chervyakov, .A. Lyakhov, A.S. Ionisyan, M.V. ValuevaHigh-Speed Smoothing Filter in the Residue Number SystemThe paper is not accepted
258Alexei N. Liashuk, Sergey A. Zavyalov, Evgeny A. ChashinSmall Monopole Transceiver Antenna for Medium
The paper is not accepted
259Dmitriev M.G., Makarov D.A.The suboptimality of stabilizing regulator in a quasilinear
system with state-depended coefficients
The paper accepted
260A.I. Maksimkin, A.N. SemenenkoThe control system of the experimental electrical circuits on educational laboratory suites in electronicsThe paper is not accepted
261A.A. Malykh, A.V. Leonov, A.A. Malykh, V.N. Mordkovich, M.I. PavlyukFrequency-Output Sensor of Different Impacts as the
Universal Sensor of Wireless Sensor Networks for
Different Areas of the Internet of Things
The paper is not accepted
262P.A. Krivozubov, A.A. Anzhenko, N.M. Zaminalov, E.A. MamchenkoModelling of processes of generation and analysis of aperiodic pulse-shaped radio signals using LabView development frameworkThe paper is not accepted
263N.A. Manakova, E.A. BogatyrevaMathematical Model of the Start Control of Electric Field Potential in Conducting Medium without Dispersion Considering RelaxationThe paper is not accepted
264Alexander Barabanov, Alexey Markov, Valentin TsirlovProcedure for Substantiated Development of Measures to Design Secure Software for Automated Process Control SystemsThe paper accepted
265E.V. Medvedeva, I.S. TrubinImproving the Noise Immunity of Receiving Video Distorted White Gaussian NoiseThe paper accepted
266Anton G. Merkulov, Viatcheslav P. ShuvalovOn the Issue of IP Header Compression Application in High Voltage Digital Power Line Carrier ChannelsThe paper accepted
267Igor Klimov, Oleg MerkushevEvaluation of reliability of a mobile radio
communication lines with non-stationary
communication channels
The paper is not accepted
268Mikhalchenko Sergey Gennadievich, Miller Andrey Valerievich, Russkin Viktor AleksandrovichOff-line solar inverterThe paper is not accepted
269Beketov A.R., Denisenko V.I., Moiseichenkov A.N., Plastun A.T., Shaikhiev A.R., Lukonin D.A., Sanin V.K.Improving Energy Efficiency of a Switched Reluctance Motor with Ceramic Insulation and a Microprocessor Control System Using No PickupsThe paper is not accepted
270Sergey Morzhov, Igor Alekseev, Mikhail NikitinskiyFirewall application for Floodlight SDN controllerThe paper accepted
271Kazachek N., Morozov A., Rusakov D.Hardware-software comlex based on mobile robots with reconfigured geometry of chassisThe paper is not accepted
272Dmitry O. Modskaletz, Oleg D. ModskaletzPulse Signals Correlation Processing Based On Instantaneous Spectrum AnalysisThe paper is not accepted
273Муликов Дмитрий Сергеевич, Михальченко Геннадий ЯковлевичДискретная имитационная модель системы синхронизации активного выпрямителя с напряжением питающей сетиThe paper accepted
274T.I. Murashkina, E.A. Badeeva, A.V. MotinManufacturing technology of 2-axial fiber-optic accelerometerThe paper is not accepted
275T.I. Murashkina, E.A. Badeeva, A.V. Badeev, D.I. SerebryakovOptoelectronic fuel level sensorThe paper is not accepted
276Anatoly A. Kolesnikov, Alexey S. Mushenko, Oksana S. DincharySynergetic design of aircraft lateral movement control systemThe paper is not accepted
277Alexey S. MushenkoUsing of ADAR Method for Synergetic Control of Rigid Body Three-Dimentional MotionThe paper accepted
278E. Mytsko, A. Malchukov, I. Novogilov, V. KimFast decoder of bch code with cyclic decoding methodThe paper accepted
279S.V. Lenkov, N.N. Zverev, O.V. Muravieva, Yu.V. MyshkinHardware and software system of the guided wave pipe testing using electromagnetic-acoustic transformationThe paper accepted
280V.O. Nagorniy, A.V. AristovMathematical simulation of the asynchronous electric
drive of periodic movement
The paper is not accepted
281Nedosekin P., Zakharchenko К., Gladchenkov Е., Kolyubin V.Review the Space Radiation CVD Diamond Multi-layer DetectorThe paper accepted
282K.A.Moskalenko, K.M.Omar, P.V. Nekrasov, A.B. Karakozov, D.V. BoychenkoFunctional and parametrical control of temperature sensors with the NI MyRio moduleThe paper is not accepted
283Marat Firdenatovich Nizamiev, Oleg Viacheslavovich Vladimirov, Igor Vladimirovich Ivshyn, Ayrat Rifkatovich ZagretdinovProgram-algorithmic maintenance of measuring and diagnostic complex for the diagnosis details of a gas engine KAMAZThe paper is not accepted
284Galina V. Nikonova,Aleksey O. MininAnalysis of the crystal oscillators phase noises and methods of their reductionThe paper accepted
285Носков А.Н.Механизм доверия для контроллера в сетиThe paper accepted
286Cao V.T., Grinchenko N.N., Ovechkin G.V.Increase efficiency of multilevel multithreshold decoder for self-orthogonal codesThe paper accepted
287Овчинников Александр АлексеевичАвтоматизированное выявление причинно- следственных отношений между событиями на основе анализа системных журналовThe paper accepted
288Ivanov V.A., Ivanov D.V., Ryabova N.V., Ryabova M.I., Chernov A.A., Ovchinnikov V.V.Developing methods and software for research the
effects of phase dispersion depending of the state of
ionospher based on LabVIEW
The paper accepted
289Trigub M.V., Ogorodnikov D.N., Vasnev N.A.Design of a Metal Vapor Laser Power SupplyThe paper accepted
290Pavel P. OleynikRole-Based Access Control Model as Applied to
Object-Oriented Applications
The paper is not accepted
291S.N. Olshevskiy, Dobrolyubov, D.N. Klimenko, A.K. Orehov, A.A. BorisovA new method of power system diagnostics for military equipmentThe paper is not accepted
292Pavel Orlov, Talgat Gazizov, Evgeniy BuichkinEvaluation of efficiency of modal filtration in different types of redundant electrical connectionsThe paper accepted
293Pavel Orlov, Talgat Gazizov, Sergey KuksenkoModal Distortions of Pulse Signal in Multiconductor PCB StructureThe paper accepted
294Y.A. Ospanov, K.N. Orazbayeva, B.B. Orazbayev, N.S. MukataevControl of fuzzy technological objects based on mathematical modelsThe paper is not accepted
295A Nyrkov, S Sokolov, S Chernyi, L Pavlova, A ZhilenkovOptimization and calculation of probability
performances of processes of storage and processing
of refrigerator containerized cargoes
The paper is not accepted
296A.P. Samoilenko, A.I. Panychev, S.A. PanychevDesign Principles of Integrated Criteria for the Evaluation of Effectiveness of Control Systems Survivability AvionicsThe paper accepted
297A.P. Samoilenko, A.I. Panychev, S.A. PanychevStatistical Diagnostics of Irreversible Avionics As a Controlled Random ProcessThe paper is not accepted
298Irina Bolodurina, Denis ParfenovDevelopment and research of models of self-organization of data placement in software-defined infrastructures of virtual data centerThe paper is not accepted
299Parshin Yu.N., Gusev S.I., Kolesnikov S.V.Analysis of Antenna Spatial Structure Influence on Communication System Capacity in Consideration of Transmitting Antenna RotationThe paper is not accepted
300Parshin Yu.N., Kudryashov V.I.Optimal Filtering of MIMO Communication System Channel Coefficients Based on the Markov ModelThe paper is not accepted
301A.E. Titov, A.I. Serebryakov, I.V. PakhomovThe Main Modifications of Analog Interface of
Sensor Systems Based on two Differential Difference
Operational Amplifiers
The paper accepted
302Dmitry Pashchenko, Aleksey Dubravin, Andrei Kalache, Kirill TarhovDecomposition of Linear Basic Fragments of
Complex Systems Based on Petri Nets and Tensor
The paper is not accepted
303Dmitry Pashchenko, Sergey Zinkin, Aleksey Dubravin, Kirill TarhovDesigning a relieble node of metacomputerThe paper is not accepted
304Dmitry Pashchenko, Aleksey Dubravin, Sergey Zinkin, Nadezhda KaramyshevaImplementation of the interface for sending messages
in agent-oriented cloud/grid systems based
on formalized specifications
The paper accepted
305Koryachko Vyacheslav Petrovich, Perepelkin Dmitry Alexandrovich, Byshov Vladimir SergeevichImproved multipath adaptive routing model in
computer networks with load balancing
The paper accepted
306Perepelkin Dmitry Alexandrovich, Tsyganov Ilya YurievichProactive backup scheme of routes in distributed
computer networks
The paper accepted
307Koryachko Vyacheslav Petrovich, Perepelkin Dmitry Alexandrovich, Ivanchikova Maria AlexandrovnaProviding the resiliency of fast rerouting traffic
processes between Data Centers
The paper is not accepted
308Konstantin O. Petrosyants, Nikita I. RyabovQuasi – 3D Electro-Thermal Simulation of Integrated Transistor Structures, IC Chips and PackagesThe paper accepted
309Dmitry Petukhov, Dmitry TelyshevA novel approach to the development of adaptive control strategy of a rotary blood pump for a left ventricular deviceThe paper is not accepted
310E.A. Pecherskaya, V.I. Kondrashin, А.V. Pecherskiy, J.V.Shepeleva, K.O. NikolaevSoftware - hardware complex for measurement and control of ferroelectrics parametersThe paper is not accepted
311Nechaev Yuri, Peshkov IliaStudy of Superresolution DOA estimation method MUSIC via circular and concentric arraysThe paper is not accepted
312Alexandr M. Pilipenko, Vadim N. BiryukovEfficiency Improvement of the Random Search Algorithm for Parametric Identification of Electronic Components ModelsThe paper accepted
313A.O. Pletnev, Y.A. Chursin, R.A. NurmukhametovUltracompact TCP/IP stack protocolThe paper is not accepted
314Plotnikova L.V., Kashipova L.A., Anisimova A.V.Construction of optimal structure of the industrial power system using the LabVIEW software packageThe paper is not accepted
315Yu.A. Ushakov, P.N. Polezhaev, L.V. Legashev, A.E., N.F. BakharevaIncreasing the efficiency of IPTV by using software-defined networksThe paper is not accepted
316Poleshchenko D.A., Tsygankov Y.A.Ball Mill States Classification using Competitive Neural NetworksThe paper accepted
317N. D. Polyakhov, A.D. StotckaiaThe Functionally Similar to Adaptive Nonlinear Algorithm for Control of Dynamic Object with Limited UncertaintyThe paper is not accepted
318Andrey N. Popov, Ivan A. RadionovLocomotive Electric Drive Control System with Antislippage FeatureThe paper is not accepted
319Popov Andrey N.Synergetic Design of Closed-Loop Control for Generation of Nonlinear OscillationsThe paper is not accepted
320Popova О.А.The Application of Numerical Probabilistic Analysis
for the Reliable Estimate of the Characteristics
Equipment Responsible Appointment
The paper accepted
321V. S. Potylitsyn, G. Y. Shaydurov, D. S. Kudinov, K. A. ArtemevAnalysis of influence impulse noise on parameter of induced polarization for method based on natural electromagnetic field of EarthThe paper is not accepted
322I.Ya.Lvovich, Ya.E.Lvovich, A.P.Preobrazhensky, O.N.Choporov, I.E.PodholzinaThe use of intellectual technologies for construction of models of objects with necessary average values scattering characteristicsThe paper is not accepted
323N.N. Prokopenko, N.I. Chernov, V.Ya. Yugai, N.V. ButyrlaginBasic Linear Elements of k-valued Digital StructuresThe paper is not accepted
324N. N. Prokopenko, I. V. Pakhomov, A. V. Bugakova, A. A. IgnashinThe Method of the Errors Calculation from the Input Common-Mode Signal in the Analog Interfaces Based on the Differential Difference Operational Amplifiers and the Ways of their DecreaseThe paper accepted
325O.V. Dvornikov, N.N. Prokopenko, A.V. Bugakova, A.A. IgnashinThe Radiation-Hardened Microcircuits of the
Multichannel Op Amps with Current Feedback and
the Analog Interfaces Based on the Structured Array
The paper accepted
326A.I. Taganov, V.G. Psoyants, N.V. Akinina,R.A. TaganovTask solution of project processes structural optimization in fuzzy input data to risk criteriaThe paper is not accepted
327Alexander PugachevSimulation of Induction Motor Temperature Determination by Additional Voltage InjectionsThe paper is not accepted
328Yuriy Purisev, V. N. Ovcharuk, Maskim KutsenkoAnalysis of Energy and Spectral Characteristics of Acoustic Emission Signals from the Hsu-Nielsen SourceThe paper accepted
329Yuriy PurisevCertain new approaches in development of acoustic
emission systems
The paper accepted
330V. N. Ovcharuk, Yuriy PurisevImplementation of Wireless Sensor Network
Technology to the EMIS Acoustic Emission Systems
The paper is not accepted
331Tatiana Avdeenko, Natalia Pustovalova, Irina KlavsutsThe Ontology-Based Approach to Support the Requirements Engineering ProcessThe paper is not accepted
332Razumnikov S.V., Prankevich D.A.Integrated model to assess the effectiveness of cloud technologies in the enterpriseThe paper is not accepted
333Roman Raspopov, Ilya SolovyevIdentification of oil reservoir local area hydrodynamic model using NI LabVIEWThe paper is not accepted
334E.P. Petrov, N.L. Kharina, and E.D. RzhanikovaReduction of transfer time of high-resolution digital
images in systems of Earth remote sensing
The paper is not accepted
335Eugeniy V. Rogozhnikov, Alexandr S. Koldomov, Valentin A. VorobvovFull Duplex Wireless Communication System,
Analog Cancellation: Review of Methods and
Experimental Research
The paper accepted
336A.S. Ishkov, A.V. Knajzkov, N.V. Rodionova, A.V. SvetlovMethod of aggregate measurement the parameters of the piezoceramic elementsThe paper is not accepted
337S.V. Rozhkova, V.I. Rozhkova, V.V. Lasukov, E.V. DevyashinaOptimal Channel Transmission of Gaussian Markov Signal with DelayThe paper accepted
338S.V. Rozhkova, V.I. Rozhkova, V.V. Lasukov, E.V. DevyashinaOptimal Transmission of Gaussian Markov Signal through Noiseless Feedback Channels with MemoryThe paper accepted
339Romanov A.M., Slaschev B.V., Volkova M.A.A Comparison of Hardware Implementations of FOC Controllers for Asynchronous Motor Drive Based on FPGAThe paper is not accepted
340Romanov A.M., Slaschev B.V., Zolotykh A.I.Highly reliable information network for distributed control systemsThe paper is not accepted
341P.G. Korolev, N.V. Romantsova, N.A. KuzminaCommunication in technical diagnostics systemsThe paper is not accepted
342V.V. Romashov, L.V. Romashova, A.N. DoktorovExperimental verification of simulation of the noise curves of the integrated DDS from Analog DevicesThe paper is not accepted
343Romashov V.V., Yakimenko, K.A.The mathematical apparatus for a frequency planning of hybrid frequency synthesizersThe paper is not accepted
344Romashov V.V., Romashova L.V., KhramovK.K.The Regression Model of Power Spectral Density of Phase Noise of Direct Digital SynthesizersThe paper accepted
345Kremzukov Yurii, Rulevskii Viktor, Yudintsev Anton, Tsvetkov MaksimAutomated test system for functional control of parameters in spacecraft power systemThe paper is not accepted
346Ilia V. Boikov, Vladimir A. RyazantsevStability of nonstationary control systems with distributed parametersThe paper is not accepted
347V.A. Zhmyd, G.V. Sablina, I.V. StazhilovDevelopment of Rotating Pendulum Modeling System Stabilization AlgorithmThe paper is not accepted
348Aleksandr A. SavinSecond-Order Error Correction of a Pre-calibrated Vector Network Analyzer for Wafer-Level MeasurementsThe paper is not accepted
349Sazonov V.V.,Shcherbakov M.A.Nonlinear SVD-Filtering Digital ImagesThe paper is not accepted
350Shcherbakov M.A., Sazonov V.V.SVD-Scaling Digital ImageThe paper is not accepted
351Natalia Bakhtadze, Ekaterina SakrutinaWavelet-based Identification and Control of Variable Structure SystemsThe paper accepted
352R.B. Salikhov, K.V. Vazhdaev, V.Kh. AbdrakhmanovIntelligent system of living areasThe paper is not accepted
353R.B. Salikhov, V.Kh. Abdrakhmanov, K.V. VazhdaevSystem of monitoring and remote control of temperature conditions, climate and heat consumptionThe paper is not accepted
354M.Y. Parshukov, E.V. Sapunov, A.V. SvetlovThe software controlled frequency parameters meter of operational amplifiersThe paper is not accepted
355I.A.Hodashinsky, K.S.Sarin, A.A.SvetlakovGeneralized Inverse-Based Recurrent Algorithm for TS Fuzzy System IdentificationThe paper accepted
356Osipov S Dmitry, Satpaev S Dmit, Dolgikh N NadezdaThe Method of Identification of Single Phase to Earth Fault in Power System Based on Wavelet TransformThe paper is not accepted
357Alexander Bakhtin, Anastasia Semenova, Alexey SolodkovHigh Data Rate Link Modulation and Coding Scheme ModelingThe paper accepted
358I.V. Semernik, A.V. DemyanenkoAnalysis of possibility of application the analytical method for solving differential equations describing the nonlinear system with complex dynamicsThe paper accepted
359I Semernik, A DemyanenkoTunable microwave chaotic oscillation generator
based on IMPATT oscillator
The paper is not accepted
360Yuri. P. Ekhlakov, Pavel V. Senchenko, Anastasia E. ChernyavskayaPeculiarities of Communication Messages
in Applied Software Promotion
The paper is not accepted
361Anatoliy A. Sidorov, Pavel V. Senchenko, Anastasia P. SenchenkoStructural-functional and Dynamic Monitoring Models of Social and Economic Development of MunicipalitiesThe paper is not accepted
362V. L. Sergeev, V.I. Polishchuk, V.T. KalaydaModels and Algorithms оf Non-Stationary Signal Identification in Conditions оf UncertaintyThe paper accepted
363Daulet Sergeyev, Kuanyshbek ShunkeyevThe simulation of current-voltage characteristics and
the dynamic conductivity of the ballistic contacts
based on superconductors with weak oscillation order
The paper accepted
364A.S. Sivchenko, E.V. KuznetsovAutomated system for studying conductive lines electromigration using the accelerated measurement test structures located in the silicon waferThe paper is not accepted
365Artyom.A.Silantyev, Aydar.I.VildanovComprehensive method for spacecraft ranging measurementThe paper accepted
366Patyukov V.G., Silantyev A.A., Shatrov V.A.Operational control of the communication channel qualityThe paper is not accepted
367Alexander V. Gradoboev, Anastasiya V. Simonova, Ksinia N. OrlovaIn-service Change in Radiant Power of Infrared LEDsThe paper accepted
368A. Sintsov, A. Luppov, A. FufachevDevelopment of testing and diagnostic tools as a way to improve the reliability of multifunctional radio receiving centerThe paper accepted
369Skirnevskij Igor Petrovich, Abdrashitova Maria Ovseevna, Pustovit Alexey VladimirovichPerspectives of using graphics processing unit in image processingThe paper is not accepted
370Gennady Veselov, Andrey Sklyarov, Sergey Sklyarov, Valeriy SemenovSynergetic Approach To The Quadrotor Helicopter
Control In An Environment With External
The paper accepted
371G. A. Fedyaeva, T. V. Smorodova, R. V. Kovalev, A. N. TarasovElectromechanical system of the asynchronous electric drive of movement of a bridge crane modelingThe paper is not accepted
372Soboleva E.G., Litvinenko V.V., Krit T.B.The Regularities of Radiation Defect Formation at the Interface Metal – n-InPThe paper accepted
373Elena Sergeevna Sokolova, Larisa Georgievna Popova, Vladimir Ivanovich Belonozhkin, Nikolai Mikhailovich Tikhomirov, Vladislav Georgievich YurasovThe power-law model generation of attacked free–scale network fiberwise with determine node weight by the Lu Chang modelThe paper is not accepted
374Elena SolovyevaOperator Approach To Nonlinear Compensator Synthesys For Communication SystemsThe paper accepted
375A.A. Sorokin, A.A. GorunovMultifunction measuring system for monitoring of coverage area of mobile network operatorThe paper accepted
376G.S. Sorokoumov, D.V. Bobrovskiy, O.A. Kalashnikov, A.V. Ulanova, P.V. Nekrasov, Yu.M. MoskovskayaNI PXI-based automated measurement system for digital ASICs verificationThe paper is not accepted
377Denis I. Sotskov, Vadim V. ElesinA behavioral model of integer-N PLL frequency synthesizer for reference spur level simulationThe paper accepted
378Dmitry Spanderashvili, Alexander Morozov, Adelya
Mamleeva, Sergey Gudyrin
Decentralized Approach to Field Service Automation
and Its Realization in Adeptik Platform
The paper is not accepted
379Philipp Stankevich, Evgeniy Pantyukhin, Vladimir SpitsynMusical Instruments Recognition Based on Neural
Network Analysis of Cepstral Coefficients
The paper is not accepted
380Elena E. Suvorkova, Yuriy N. Dementyev, Lev K. Burulko, Dmitry A. KaftasjevReluctance Synchronous Motor Magnetic Field ModelsThe paper is not accepted
381D.A. Suvorov, G.A. FrantsuzovaCascaded extremum seeking system design with sliding modes organizationThe paper is not accepted
382Vladimir Sudakov, Victor NesterovIntegration of decision support systems and computer
The paper is not accepted
383 Protection against Ultrashort Pulses Based on a Turn of Meander Microstrip LineThe paper has not been received
384E. Petrov, N. Kharina, P. SukhikhLossless Compressing Method in Image Processing Systems with Limited Power ResourcesThe paper accepted
385Sushkin I. N., Thudonogov D. YuControl and test bench of goniometric satellite navigation receiverThe paper accepted
386Boris N. Abramovich, Yuriy A. SychevThe effective control methods and means for active and hybrid systems of voltage and current level and harmonic spectrum correctionThe paper is not accepted
387R.M. TazievSAW Properties in Quartz-like a-GeO2 Single CrystalThe paper accepted
388R.M. TazievSurface and Leaky Acoustic Wave Properties in GdCa4O(BO3)3 Single CrystalThe paper accepted
389Minakov Evgeniy Petrovich, Tarasov Anatoly GennadevichProblems and models of measurement the characteristics of robotics system use for emergency recovery at a missile deployment area of a space-vehicle launching unitThe paper is not accepted
390Andrey A. Tatevosyan, Aleksandr S. Tatevosyan, Natalya N. ZaharovaThe Measuriment of Ferromagnets Magnetic Characteristics Using Labview SoftwareThe paper accepted
391Andrey A. TatevosyanThe Study of the Magnetic System of Brushless Synchronous Magnetoelectric MachineThe paper is not accepted
392Yury E. Korchagin, Konstantine D. TitovEstimation duration of ultra-wideband quasiradiosignal
with known amplitude and initial phase
The paper accepted
393Sergey Ekhanin, Alexander Tomashevich, Alexander Ermolaev, Anton LoschilovTest and Measurement Complex for Investigation of GaN Based High-Brightness Light-Emitting DiodesThe paper accepted
394E.I. Trenkal, A.G. LoschilovThe Algorithm Of Desired Signal Selection Multilayer Liquids TDR AnalysisThe paper is not accepted
395Dmitriy Trokoz, Michael Sinev, Vladimir Kutuzov, Mary YarovayaMethods of systems diagnostic tools constructing of the control object land-based infrastructure rocket - space equipmentThe paper is not accepted
396Dmitriy Trokoz, Andrey Tokarev, Michael Sinev, Nikolas KonnovReducing the load and increasing the performance of
calculations in distributed computing systems with
unreliable nodes
The paper is not accepted
397Dmitriy Trokoz, Georgy Martyashin, Elena Balzannikova, Christina MaximovaSynthesis of alternative PN-models in tensor
methodology of PN-structures research
The paper is not accepted
398N.K. Yurkov, V.A. Trusov, A.V. LysenkoMethods of Providing Reliability of Avionics and Aerospace Equipment at the Design StageThe paper is not accepted
399N.A.Kinash, A.I.Trufanov, A.A.Tikhomirov, O.G.Berestneva, O.N.FisochenkoNetwork Vulnerability in Two-Phase EvolutionThe paper accepted
400О.А. Tyagynov, М.А. ТeplovAdjustment of Parameters of Autonomous Mobile Robot Speed and Heading Stabilization Subsystem Controllers on the Basis of Pareto-Optimal Solution Construction ProcessThe paper is not accepted
401Ushakov Dmitry Igorevich, Starovoit Ivan AleksandrovichMethod Forming Signals for High-Speed Radio Access SystemsThe paper is not accepted
402Usharova Darya, Anikin AlexeyTheoretical estimate of average power of narrowband intersystem interferences in a free spaceThe paper accepted
403Rodion R. Fakhrutdinov, Konstantin V. Murasov, Ruslan A. Wolf, Sergey A. Zavyalov, Aleksandr N. LepetaevDecrease the influence of process variation on the temperature stability of integrated voltage referencesThe paper accepted
404Ilya Rostokin, Elena FedoseevaData acquisition and processing system
multifrequency microwave radiometry control state
meteorological formations with compensation of
background noise
The paper is not accepted
405Elena Fedoseeva, Ilya Rostokin, Pavel EchinFeatures of the application of computers in the circuits of microwave radiometric systems, adaptive to changing measuring conditionsThe paper is not accepted
406Aleksandr S. Fedchenko, Evgeny A. Kopylov, Dmitry K. Lobanov, Enis A. MizrahStatic accuracy of the lithium-ion battery automated test benchThe paper accepted
407Kirill O. Frolov, Olga A. DotsenkoAnalysis and correction of the magnetic permeability spectra of Z – hexaferrite by using Cramers–Kronig relationsThe paper is not accepted
408M. Krasikov, A. Fufachev, A. Luppov, S. Molokov, A. SintsovModeling the complex directional pattern of reception magnetic loop antennaThe paper is not accepted
409Marat Khairetdinov, Gyulnara VoskoboinikovaDetection of signals and identification of sources
in a problem of geophysical monitoring
The paper is not accepted
410Alexandra I. Khalyasmaa, Stepan A. DmitrievDecision support system for power equipment maintenance and repairThe paper is not accepted
411Alexander A. Khamukhin, Silvano BertoldoSpectral Analysis of Forest Fire Noise for Early
Detection using Wireless Sensor Networks
The paper accepted
412Konstantin O. Petrosyants, Igor A. Kharitonov, Nikita I. Ryabov, Petr A. Kozynko, Boris G. LvovHardware-Software Subsystem for Multilevel
Thermal Fault Detection and Analysis of Electronic
The paper accepted
413Khachumov M.V.The problem of target pursuit by a group of
unmanned flight vehicles
The paper accepted
414Kholopov Ivan S., Pavlov Oleg V.Spherical video panorama stitching from multiple
cameras with intersecting fields of view and
inertial measuirement unit
The paper accepted
415Braginsky M.Ya., Tarakanov D.V., Tsapko S.G.E-Network Modelling Of Process Industrial Control Systems In Building Computer SimulatorsThe paper accepted
416С.П. Панько, М.С. ЦимбалПовышение точности измерения скорости космического аппаратаThe paper is not accepted
417Eremenko Yuri, Glushchenko Anton, Tsukanov MikhailMultiagent advice-giving system for electricity distribution optimizationThe paper is not accepted
418Zamyshlyaeva Alyona Alexandrovna, Tsyplenkova Olga Nikolaevna, Bychkov Evgeniy ViktorovichOptimal control of solutions to the Showalter – Sidorov problem for the Sobolev type equation of higher orderThe paper is not accepted
419R.R. Gaynutdinov, S.F. ChermoshentsevThe analysis of electromagnetic interferences at
injection of microsecond electromagnetic pulses in
coupling paths of the flight vehicle interfaces
The paper is not accepted
420Chernoskutov Dmitry, Chernykh IlyaComputer Electric Field Strength Measurement in SF6 Circuit BreakerThe paper is not accepted
421Chernoskutov DmitryComputer Measuring Technology of Electric Field Strength in SF6 Circuit BreakeThe paper is not accepted
422Chernoskutov DmitryControlled Inductive Load Switching in SF6 Circuit Breakers: Signal Measurement and ProcessingThe paper is not accepted
423Chernoskutov DmitrySmart SF6 Circuit Breakers Operation: Internet On-line Monitoring and Sensors ApplicationThe paper is not accepted
424Aleksey Vladimirovich Chernousov, Aleksandr Vitalevich Kuzovnikov, Viktor Grigorevich SomovThe realization possibility assessment of code division multiple access in satellite communication systems based on wavelet modulated wideband signalsThe paper is not accepted
425Alexey N. Glushkov, Vladimir P. Litvinenko, Boris V. Matveev, Oleg V. ChernoyarovDigital Noncoherent Demodulation of “Integrally” Coded Phase-Shift Keyed SignalsThe paper accepted
426K.R. ChernyshovConsistent Measures of Dependence in System Identi-fication: Some SummaryThe paper accepted
427Т.Yu. Chernysheva, A.A. Zakharova, Е.V. Gnedash,M.A. Кorchuganova, S.L. Min’kovA Model To Support Investment Decision MakingThe paper is not accepted
428Ekaterina V. Petrova, Natalia A. Komarova, Maksim E. Cherniak, Anastasia V. Ulanova, Alexander Y. NikiforovHardware/software solution for optocouplers with output MOSFET transistors based on National Instruments PXI-platformThe paper accepted
429G. Chistyakov, M. Dolgenkova, V. Meltsov, D. StrabykinAccelerated Logical Inference in the Intelligent Control SystemsThe paper is not accepted
430Dmitry E. Prozorov, Anton V. ChistyakovDetection Algorithm of Activity of Cognitive Networks Primary UsersThe paper accepted
431D. Agadzhanyan, M. ChukarinApplication for printed photos recognition with augmented realityThe paper is not accepted
432Parshukov V., Efimov N., Ryzhkov A., Kolpahchyan P., Irkha V., Rusakevich I., Yatsenko E.Ecopark Smart Energy SystemThe paper is not accepted
433Janvarev S.G., Shaykhutdinov D.V.Automated Control Systems Of Flow Rate And Innings Of Coolant In Machine For Metal WorkingThe paper is not accepted
434Shakurskiy Maxim Viktorovich, Shakurskiy Viktor ConstantinovichComputer model of two channel steganographic system with mutual channel noisingThe paper is not accepted
435Zakharov V.M., Shalagin S.V.Executing Discrete Orthogonal Transformations Based on Computations on the Galois Field in the FPGA ArchitectureThe paper accepted
436Shalobanov S.V., Shalobanov S.S.The search defects algorithm in continuous dynamical systems by vectors of topological relationsThe paper is not accepted
437Yuriy Skobtsov, Olga Chengar, Anatoly A. ShalytoSynthesis production schedules based on ant colony
optimization method
The paper is not accepted
438Ruslan Sharapov, Alexey VarlamovUsing neural networks to estimate the degree of wetlands with remote sensing dataThe paper is not accepted
439D.V. Gmar’, V.V. Кryukov, K.J. Shakhgeldyan, S. Snopko, К.I. Dul’dinaWi-Fi Network Access-based Indoor Mobile Location ServiceThe paper is not accepted
440Shvarckopf Evgeniya Andreevna, Zaryaev Aleksandr Vasilevich, Islamgulova Viktoriya Viktorovna, Barannikov Nikolaj Ilich, Parinova LarisaModeling of layering growth virus epidemic and spread of harmful content on Poisson networksThe paper is not accepted
441I.I. Shvetsov-Shilovskiy, P.V. Nekrasov, A.V. Ulanova, A.Yu. NikiforovAdvanced system for CMOS SOI test structures measurementsThe paper accepted
442Шелюг С.Н.Влияние показателей качества электрической энергии на величину потерь мощности в сети 0,4 кВThe paper has not been received
443Kristina Shirrime, Pavel TrubaevDevelopment of the automated informational analytical energy management systemThe paper is not accepted
444S.B. Shmakov, А.В. Boruzdina, M.E. Cherniak, P. K. Skorobogatov, A.Y. NikiforovAutomated data processing system for oscilloscope measurements during an environmental testThe paper is not accepted
445Stanislav Sholar, Olga Ivanova, Veronika Dushko, Vadim Kramar, Anna RodkinaThe Application of National Instruments Technology in the Ocean Technology Laboratory ResearchesThe paper is not accepted
446Vladimir I. Lovchakov, Sergey A. ShopinSolution set of time-optimal control problem for four series connected integratorsThe paper accepted
447Yu.V. Shornikov, M.S. Myssak, D.N. Dostovalov, A.V. BessonovFeatures of Solver Implementation for Analysis
of Hybrid System Modal Behavior
The paper is not accepted
448Shulgina Y.V., Soldatov A.A., Shulgin E.M., Kudryashova A.V.Acoustic borehole depth-gauge with the dualfrequency sensing methodThe paper accepted
449М. Beisenbi, N. Kissikova, G. ShuteevaDiscrete model of system research of economic system’s complicated behaviourThe paper is not accepted
450S.N. Danilin, S.A. ShchanikovMonitoring the Phase Progression of Linear Chirp by Applying Artificial Neural NetworksThe paper accepted
451Alexander I. Cheredov, Andrey V. ShchelkanovVoltage-to-Frequency Converters Based On Current
Instabilities In Semiconductors
The paper accepted
452E.V. Shcherba, V.I. NikonovA Role-Based Approach to Secure Routing in Wireless Ad-Hoc NetworksThe paper accepted
453Zakharov V.M., Eminov B.F., Shalagin S.V.Representation of hidden Markov’s models of
polynomials signals over Galois field based on
Markov’s chains lumpability
The paper is not accepted
454Natalia S.Rogova, Valery D.YurkevichAnti-sway Tracking Control for Overhead Crane via
Singular Perturbation Technique
The paper is not accepted
455Efim A.Aksenov, Valery D.YurkevichControl System Design for a Cuk ConverterThe paper is not accepted
456Valery D. YurkevichHigh-Accuracy Tracking Control System Design via Time-Scale Separation TechniqueThe paper is not accepted
457G.H. Irzaev, V.A. Trusov, N.K. YurkovAssessment of Product Manufacturability at the Stage of Material Selection on the Example of Heatsink for Electronic ModulesThe paper is not accepted
458Alexander Yakovlev, Alexander MalyshenkoAutomatic derivation of kinematic equations of
deployable solar panel arrays
The paper accepted
459A.Yantsen, V. NosovError probability of MIMO and MISO technology
with regard to multiple correlation channels
The paper is not accepted
460Ambar Bajpai, Abhishek Kalsi, Lunchakorn Wuttisittikulkij, Piya KovintaewatA subtraction based method for the construction of Quasi-Cyclic LDPC Codes of Girth eightThe paper accepted
461Belgacem Hamdi, Badi GuibaneDual-rail Logic Unit in Double Pass Transistor LogicThe paper is not accepted
462Vitaly I. Koshelev, Vladimir A. BelokurovDetection of a maneuvering object and estimation of its motion by means of switching Markov modelThe paper is not accepted
463Borgest N.M., Korovin M.D., Vlasov S.A., Spirina M.O., Kurkin E.I.Control interface of designer assistant systemThe paper is not accepted
464G.G. Davydov, А.S. Kolosova, A.V. Sogoyan, A.S. Artamonov, D.V. BoychenkoThe Automated System For Parametric Characterization Of the Input and Output Blocks in Digital ICsThe paper accepted
465S.N. Kladiev, V.S. Deeva, S.M. Slobodyan, S.V. BorisovVector control system design for four degree-offreedom dynamic flexible simulation of the variablefrequency driveThe paper is not accepted
466A.Yu. Egorov, P.V. Nekrasov, O. A. KalashnikovHardware-software complex for functional and parametric tests of ARM microcontrollers STM32F1XXThe paper is not accepted
467N.N. Grachev, D.V. LazarevOptimizations frequency the electromechanical
transformation of devices for measuring small
physical values
The paper accepted
468Gureev A.V., Rykov V.M., Thurain T., Karavaev I.S.Waveguide model for indoor wireless channelsThe paper is not accepted
469Zhadnov Valeriy Vladimirovich, Korolev Pavel Sergeevich, Ivanov Ilya Aleksandrovich, Polesskiy Sergey NikolaevichEstimation of durability indices of integrated microcircuit communication networkThe paper accepted
470Anton Ivaschenko, Alexandr Kolsanov, Aikush Nazaryan, Andrey Kuzmin3D Endoscopy Surgery SimulatorThe paper is not accepted
471Anton Ivaschenko, Pavel SitnikovMoving Sensors Conept in Industrial ApplicationsThe paper is not accepted
472A.Y. Borisov, L.N. KessarinskiyAutomated Test Complex For Parametric and Functional Control of Voltage-To-Frequency ConverterThe paper accepted
473Reshetnikova G.N., Kotcubinskiy V.P., Khabibulina N.Yu., Polonskaya M.S.Synthesis of control actions with aggregate modelThe paper accepted
474Natalia Khanzhina, Evgeny PutinPollen Grain Recognition using GIST FeaturesThe paper is not accepted
475E.A. Veisov, V.N. Kirichenko, E.D.Mihov, O.V. NepomnyashchyCombining methods to improve reliability in a computer systemThe paper is not accepted
476O.V. Nepomnyashchy, D.A. Nedorezov, S.S. Krasnenko, V.N. KirichenkoModular automated complex long-term of onboard equipmentThe paper is not accepted
477O.V. Nepomnyashchii, A.V. Leonov, V.N. Kirichenko, A.S. AndreevPrinciples of organization of a multi-core processor based on functional-flow programming paradigmThe paper is not accepted
478Kirill Kochetov, Evgeny PutinSpecNN: the Specifying Neural NetworkThe paper is not accepted
479Branislav Dobrucký, Roman Koňarik, Libor Hargaš, Dušan KoniarMeasurement of Multi-phase Clarke-Transformed Waveforms using LabVIEW Virtual InstrumentationThe paper accepted
480Marina A. Korchuganova, Tatiana Y. Chernysheva, Andrey
P. Syrbakov, Elena Gnedasch, Gennadiy S Ivanov
Computer simulation of replaceable many sider plates (RMSP) with enhanced chip-breaking characteristicsThe paper is not accepted
481Sergey N. Krivtsov, Andrey P. Syrbakov, Marina A. KorchuganovaMeasuring of traction and speed characteristics as
well as of fuel economy of a car in road conditions
The paper is not accepted
482A.G. Kozlov, T.N. Tanskaya, V.N. ZimaInfluence of the Design of the Solid Mounted Resonator on its Electrical Equivalent ParametersThe paper accepted
483Andrey Krasnyuk, Dmitriy LebedevComparative assessment of probability of nonfailure operation of redundant trigger memory elementsThe paper is not accepted
484Andrey Krasnyuk, Andrey Antonov, Anna KiselevaThe fundamental problems of the internal structure of
microprocessors for high temperature
The paper is not accepted
485Andrey Krasnyuk, Elen Mar`ina, Emil ImametdinovPDCFET models for high-temperature detectorsThe paper accepted
486Y. Basha, M. Averbukh and A. KupermanTracking Peroformance Oriented Design of Proportional-Resonant Controllers under Finite Control Bandwidth and Actuator DelayThe paper is not accepted
487Kurkin E.I., Shakhov V.G.Control of boundary layer on rotation axysimmertic diffuser wallThe paper accepted
488Leonid Kechiev, Nicolay Kruchkov, Vadim KuznetsovNew active filter synthesis tool for Qucs
open-source circuit simulator
The paper accepted
489Mike Brinson, Vadim KuznetsovQucs-0.0.19S: a new open-source circuit simulator
and its application for hardware design
The paper accepted
490Vasily A. Maistrenko, Leonov V. Alexey, Volkov A. DanilExperimental estimate of using the ant colony optimization algorithm to solve the routing problem in FANETThe paper accepted
491I.O. Loskutov, A.B. Karakozov, P.V. NekrasovAutomated test setup for functional and parametrical control of microcontrollers with internal ADCThe paper accepted
492I.O. Loskutov, I.I. Shvetsov-Shilovskiy, P.V. Nekrasov, D.V. BoychenkoTesting system for analog devises DDSThe paper is not accepted
493O. E. Lukyanov, E.V. Tarasova, V.A. MartynovaRemote control of the experimental setup and automation of experimental dataprocessingThe paper is not accepted
494H. E. A. Mahyuob, N.N. Kisel, S.G. GrishchenkoIncreasing Spectral Efficiency Channel in Wireless Communication Systems 5G Based Massive Mimo SystemsThe paper is not accepted
495H. E. A. Mahyuob, N.N. Kisel, S.G. Grishchenko, V.A. CheremisovStudy the Sensitivity of Resonant Characteristics of Frequency Selective Surface Based on SRR-ElementsThe paper is not accepted
496Ekaterina Makarova; Tatiana Avdeenko; Maxim BakaevA Case-Based Reasoning Approach with Fuzzy
Linguistic Rules
The paper is not accepted
497V.A. Marfin, P.V. Nekrasov, A.V.Yanenko, A.N. SchepanovUsing NI PXI modules for DSP microprocessor testingThe paper is not accepted
498A.A. Danilov, E.A. MindubaevHardware-software complex for parametric study
of wireless energy transfer
The paper accepted
499Hosein Gholami-Khesht, Mohammad MonfaredAdaptive predictive voltage control of three-phase PWM-VSCs in UPS applicationsThe paper accepted
500V.B. Nemirovskiy, A.K. Stoyanov, A.K. Gofman, .A. TartakovskyTemperature Distributions Comparison by the Clustering of Their Proximity MeasureThe paper accepted
501Ogorodnikov Y.Y.A hybrid algorithm of solving factorization problem by using SAT approachThe paper is not accepted
502Elena P. Okhapkina, Alexander A. TarasovProblem of identifying destructive informational influence in social networksThe paper is not accepted
503Francesca Ortolani, Aurelio UnciniQuaternion Digital Signal Processing: a Hypercomplex Approach to Information ProcessingThe paper accepted
504Boris PyakillyaRecursive Estimation of Spot Welding Process ParametersThe paper is not accepted
505Le Quang Quynh, Puttipong Sornplaeng, Lunchakorn Wuttisittikulkij, Poompat SaengudomlertExtended p-Cycle for Path-Segment Protection in Mixed Line Rate WDM Network with Limited Transmission ReachesThe paper is not accepted
506Rolich A.Y.Dynamic reconfiguration of graphical interfaces for Internet of ThingsThe paper accepted
507А.Yu. Romanov, K.E. Lomotin, E.S. Kozlova, A.L. KolesnichenkoResearch of Neural Networks Application Efficiency in Automatic Scientific Articles Classification According to UDCThe paper accepted
508Eugene N. Rychkov, Victor G. PatyukovThe method of frequency shifts estimation in OFDM systemsThe paper is not accepted
509Andriy Semenov, Olena Semenova, Lidiya RogozinaFuzzy-controller for handover in mobile networksThe paper is not accepted
510Andriy SemenovReviewing the mathemetical models and electrical circuits of deterministic chaos transistor oscillatorsThe paper accepted
511Semenychev V.K., Kurkin E.I., Sadykova V.O.Estimation of bell shaped curve-fitting models application area in managing the life cycle of gas productionThe paper is not accepted
512M.P. Sharabayko, N.G. MarkovContemporary Video Compression Standards. H.265/HEVC, VP9, VP10, Daala.The paper accepted
513Eugenie L. Eremin, Evgeniy A. ShelenokAdaptive-Periodic Control for Nonlinear Dynamic Object with Delays on State Set of FunctioningThe paper accepted
514Eugenie L. Eremin, Evgeniy A. ShelenokCombined Adaptive Control System for Nonlinear Object with Delay and Self-Tuning Dynamic Correction UnitThe paper is not accepted
515Eugenie L. Eremin, Evgeniy A. ShelenokSimulation Modeling of Adaptive Dumping Forced Oscillations Combined Control SystemThe paper accepted
516Shtern Yu.I., Kozhevnikov Ya.S., Karavaev I.S., Shtern M.Yu., Rogachev M.S.Electronic thermometer with the data transfer by radiochannelThe paper accepted
517Shtern M.Yu., Gureev A.V., Karavaev I.S., Shtern Yu.I., Rykov V.M., Rogachev M.S.Hardware and software equipment for the complex investigation of the wireless smart transducersThe paper accepted
518Irina MAKAROVA, Rifat KHABIBULLIN, Ksenia SHUBENKOVAEnsuring Sustainability of Public Transport by Means
of Rational Management
The paper is not accepted
519Manfred Sneps-Sneppe, Dmitry NamiotOn Physical Web modelsThe paper accepted
520A.A. Sorokin, A.A. GorunovMultifunction measuring system for monitoring of
coverage area of mobile network operator
The paper is not accepted
521E.V. Telipenko, A.A. Zakharova, S.P. Sopova, S.L. Min’kov, N.B. DzhamansarievDecision support system for bankruptcy risk assessment of the enterpriseThe paper is not accepted
522A.A. Pugovkin, D.V. TelyshevAutomated System for Control and Simulation of Physiological Cardiovascular ParametersThe paper is not accepted
523Jason Sheng-Hong Tsai, Min-Ching Chung, Leang-San ShiehOptimal Linear Quadratic Digital Tracker for the Discrete-Time Proper System with an Unknown DisturbanceThe paper is not accepted
524Ivanov O.A., Uvaysova S.S., Ivanov I.A., Uvaysov S.U.Algorithm of control charge the battery from renewable energy sources: wind turbine and solar panelThe paper accepted
525V.A. Oshchepkov, V.N. Goryunov, L.V. Vladimirov, I.V. BoldyrevThe system of determining the fault connection in the distribution networkThe paper is not accepted
526Wojciech Giernacki, Dariusz Horla, Talar Sadalla, João Paulo CoelhoRobust CDM and Pole Placement PID Based Thrust
Controllers for Multirotor Motor-Rotor Simplified
The paper accepted
527А.А. Zakharova, V.V. OstaninDeveloping the structure and structural patterns for a system to support strategic decision making using expert knowledgeThe paper is not accepted
528Antonina G. Dolgih, Vladimir M. MartemyanovParameters of the Torque Motor Tape WindingThe paper accepted
529Artem Osintsev, Alexander Sobko, Maxim KomnatnovTemperature Controller for External Surface of WaveguideThe paper accepted
530Baranov P., Tsimbalist E., Borikov V., Pisarenko J.Increasing common-mode rejection ratio based on the voltage followerThe paper accepted
531Bogdan U. VasilevAlgorithmic Methods to Improve the Semiconductor Converter Performance EffectivenessThe paper accepted
532Denis KutuzovProcess Modeling of Establishment of Connections in Parallel Space Switching SystemsThe paper accepted
533Konstantin O. Petrosyants, Igor A. Kharitonov, Lev M. Sambursky, Mamed R. Ismail-zadeComplex for Automated Measurement and Processing of BJTs and MOSFETs Characteristics for Extremal ApplicationsThe paper accepted
534Liudmila I. Khudonogova, Sergey V. MuravyovEnergy-accuracy aware active node selection in wireless sensor networksThe paper accepted
535Mayakova O.Y.Analysis of the failure rate assessment models of the radiofrequency cordsThe paper accepted
536Nesterenko T., Barbin E., Koleda A., Zorina ЕMicroelectromechanical accelerometer under mechanical impact conditionsThe paper accepted
537Roman Valerievich Meschryakov, Evgeny Yurievich Kostyuchenko, Dariya Igorevna Ignatieva, Alexander Vladislavovich PyatkovSpeech quality measurement automation for patients with cancer of the oral cavity and oropharynxThe paper accepted
538Vadim ZhmudDetection of Unrevealed Non-linearities in the Layout of the Balancing RobotThe paper accepted
539Viacheslav Kapustin, Alexander PopovAssessing the impact of the echo signals in single frequency networks for digital terrestrial television broadcastingThe paper accepted
540A.A. Erokhin, Yu.P. Salomatov, V.S. Panko, M.I. SugakSystem of Equations for Antenna Array Beam Pattern NullingThe paper accepted
541A.M. Alexandrin, R.O. Ryazantsev, Y.P. SalomatovNumerical optimization of the discrete Mikaelian lensThe paper accepted
542A.S. Kamyshnikova, V.V. SukhotinDetermination of the Radio Transmitter Coordinates In Satellite Communication SystemsThe paper accepted
543A.V. Stankovsky, S.V. Polenga, A.D. Nemshon, Y.A. Litinskaya, E.R. Gafarov, Yu.P. SalomatovMeander-Line Polarizer for Omnidirectional AntennaThe paper accepted
544Denis Zinchenko, Vyacheslav Prokopiev, Pavel Kochkin, Sergey Kolchanov, Arkadiy Zelyutkov, Vasilii PankoA Novel System for Automatic Aluminium Billets Geometry Measurement and InspectionThe paper accepted
545E. R. Gafarov, A. V. Stankovsky,Y. P. SalomatovA GNSS Quadrupole Antenna With a Spatial Polarizer for the Suppression of Low-Angle MultipathThe paper accepted
546O.A. Nazarov, V.S. Panko, Y.P. SalomatovSIW Unequal Y-type Power DividerThe paper accepted
547Ryazantsev R. O., Salomatov Y. P., Panko V.S., M.I. SugakFlat-layered spherical lens antenna system in conditions of slant polarized feeder radiationThe paper accepted
548Sergey P. PankoEstimate of the Distance to SatelliteThe paper accepted
549T.A. Zubov, V.V. SukhotinESA uplink modeling of satellite earth systemsThe paper accepted
550Vladimir Alekseev, Ivan KaliakinExploring sampling rate for discrete wavelet transform implementationThe paper accepted
551Ye.A. Litinskaya, А.D. Nemshon, A.V. Stankovsky, S.V. Polenga, Y.P. SalomatovExperimental Research of the Antenna Array with Electronic and Combine Electronic and Mechanical Beam SteeringThe paper accepted
552С.П. Панько, М.С. ЦимбалПовышение точности измерения скорости космического аппаратаThe paper accepted